Guide to writing technical content

Learn how to write impactful technical content with SEO in mind

May 23, 2023


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This article presents guidelines to write an impactful content for organic growth and SEO.

Crafting SEO-optimized technical content is not always a straightforward task. It requires presenting the article in a manner that is easily comprehensible for both English speakers and non-English speakers (if the content is written in English).

Who am I to talk about this? My blog How To Finetune GPT Like Large Language Models on a Custom Dataset was trending on Hacker News and as a developer advocate at Lightning AI, I have been publishing articles and blog posts on Machine Learning, AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) that boosted the overall web traffic and community engagement.


None of my content would have been possible without the guidance of amazing people at Lightning AI and open source community!

Know before you write

  • Introduction should clearly describe what will the reader get out of the article.

  • Write down the objective for the blog and don’t deviate from what you’ve promised.

  • The blog title should be something that your audience will search online. For example - “How to train LLMs under 16 GB GPU memory” or “How to write articles with SEO in mind”.

  • The overall blog should be Skimmable - write descriptive and short headlines for each section of the blog.

  • Double check language using Grammarly or ChatGPT.

  • Substance:

    • No buzzword can increase the readers.
    • Know the topic
  • Read how to write an outline


  • Heading > images > Formatting >Platform
  • Use h1 heading tag for the blog title and h2 for rest of the main headlines.
  • The blog meta preview should have the title that describes the blog in minimum words.


  • Start with Objective first. Write what would readers learn after reading the article.
  • Create an outline
    • List of main points to make.
    • Organize, revise and eliminate
      • Organize the List of points
      • Revise and remove the points which doesn’t support the objective
      • Repeat this few times
    • Every point should be for the objective.
  • Read what other articles talks about, note important things with link for reference
  • Find what other articles are missing.
  • Always end with a good Call to action.