Hi there! I’m Aniket, a Machine Learning - Software Engineer with with over 4 years of experience, demonstrating a strong track record in developing and deploying machine learning models to production.

Currently, I’m working on building LLM-powered products and contributing to open source at Lightning AI ⚡️.

At Lightning AI, I have been working on on a wide range of AI products and use-cases as well as lead the open-source community. Some of my contributions include:

  • Designed and developed the flagship image generation product using Stable Diffusion, Muse.
  • Increased model serving throughput efficiency by more than 50% by implementing dynamic batching.
  • Designed and developed Chat with PDF, a RAG application using Large Language Models (LLMs).
  • Enabled LLM evaluation by integrating Eval-Harness framework and Stanford’s HELM with Lit-GPT.

Before joining Lightning AI, I was at Quinbay, a startup based in Bangalore, where I built and deployed deep learning models in production for our partner Blibli.com.

  • Built and deployed Image Recognition system to block objectionable content, scaled for 10M requests.
  • Reduced the Merchant Onboarding time from 24 hours to 1 second with a real-time ID Card Verification & Autofill System.
  • Introduced a Face Recognition System for fraud detection in the e-commerce wallet, which reduced the manual process by more than 50%.

You can find most of my new blogs on LLMs, Distributed Training, and Machine Learning on Lightning AI’s blog.