Normalization techniques and effect of normalization.
Deep Learning
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April 26, 2020


tensorflow, deep learning, image classification

Normalization in Deep Learning

Normalization is an important technique widely used in Deep Learning to achieve better results in less time.

Why do we need to Normalize in the first place?

Covariate Shift: Most of the time the training dataset is very different from the real dataset. Suppose, a CNN model is trained to classify cats. But the training dataset only had images of black cats. So, if the model is fed with an image of a white cat it may not predict correctly. This phenomenon is called Covariate-Shift.

In the graph below, the training data mostly falls on a linear function. But after including test data it looks more like a quadratic distribution.


Generally in image datasets, the distribution can change because of change in camera resolutions or any other environmental change.