How to write technical content

Learn how to write impactful technical content with SEO in mind

May 23, 2023


  • Start with Title

  • Conclusion is important

  • Should be Skimmable

  • Substance:

    • No buzzword can increase the readers.
    • Know the topic
  • Packaging a. Heading> images> Formatting>Platform

  • How to write an outline


• Start with Objective first. Write what would readers learn after reading the article.
• Create an outline
    ○ List of main points to make.
    ○ Organize, revise and eliminate
        § Organize the List of points
        § Revise and remove the points which doesn't support the objective
        § Repeat this few times
    ○ Every point should be for the objective.
• Read what other articles talks about, note important things with link for reference
• Find what other articles are missing.
• Always end with a good Call to action.